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Hi! My name is Courtney (AKA Organic Blondie) I am so honored that you would join me on this very personal quest to improving your health. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that people are UNIQUE, not everything applies to everyone and we all have a responsibility to ourselves to discover what our bodies need from us. I am a Certified Primal Health Coach, a mom to two pretty awesome kiddos, and wife to my amazing hubby and biggest fan.

 I never dreamed I would be sitting here (ok well standing, I have a standing desk now lol,) helping other women in a space where we can all come together and better our lives through healthy life habits TOGETHER. We were never meant to do this journey of life alone and I want each of you to know that YOU matter! You are seen, appreciated and accepted just the way you are right now. The best things in life come from what you do consistently. Keep showing up for yourself here, keep making one small "good" decision for your body at a time and see how the old habits and thought processes  begin to take a new shape. If you never try anything different you won't ever see any change in your life. Make this group a place to see seek encouragement, ask questions, receive accountability and make some new friends. After all this should be fun right?!


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